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Over 25 Years of Arbitration Experience

Cynthia has acted as an arbitrator in scores of cases covering a full range of employment claims, as well as a number of intellectual property, business contract and other disputes.  She has arbitrated the claims of individuals, multiple-parties and in class actions.

For over 25 years Cynthia has served as an arbitrator exclusively as a member of the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) panels. Cynthia does not accept any non-AAA arbitrator appointments.  In fact, over 20 years ago Cynthia served on an advisory group that helped craft AAA’s first Employment Arbitration and Mediation Procedures. Cynthia also has taught and/or attended numerous AAA and other arbitration training sessions.

As an arbitrator, Cynthia takes conflicts of interest, and the appearance of conflicts, very seriously.  Generally, she will decline to serve as an arbitrator in cases where she has served as a mediator or arbitrator for any of the same parties or in any case with any of the same attorneys.

Interested in Having Cynthia Arbitrate Your Case?

All of Cynthia’s arbitration calendaring is done by AAA, not Cynthia’s office.  Cynthia’s arbitration rate is $750.00 per hour.  For more information, please contact AAA at or call AAA at 877-495-4185.

AAA’s Regional Office is located at One Sansome Street, San Francisco, which is pictured above.