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Organizations of Interest

  • If you are interested in helping to increase diversity in our legal profession, Cynthia encourages you to consider supporting the Foundation for Advocacy, Inclusion & Resources (FAIR), as she does.  FAIR provides programs, scholarships and grants to help increase diversity in the legal profession and plaintiff’s employment bar. Please visit for more information or call (818) 703-0587.
  • If you are an experienced San Francisco Bay Area mediator who would like to join with other colleagues in a collegial organization that focuses on education and professional development, you should consider applying for membership in The Mediation Society. Please visit for more information.  You can also contact Cynthia, who served as President of The Mediation Society for the 2014-15 term.
  • If you conduct any kind of workplace fact-findings or investigations, or are interested in learning more about how to do them well, Cynthia hopes you will consider joining the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI). Cynthia served on the founding Board of Directors of this organization, and as its first Vice President.  You can learn more and join the organization by visiting
  • Cynthia serves as a private mediator, but also is proud to serve as an Arbitrator and Mediator on the Employment Panels of the American Arbitration Association. If you wish to consider using Cynthia’s services through AAA, please call AAA at 877-495-4185 or visit to learn more.
  • If you are interested in ADR services in Alameda County Superior Court, you should become familiar with that Court’s ADR Program.  For many years, Cynthia served on that Court’s ADR Administration Committee and on its mediation panel.  You can learn more by contacting the Court ADR Program  Please visit
  • If you are interested in ADR services in Contra Costa County, you should become familiar with the creative programs provided by The Congress of Neutrals. In the past, Cynthia served on its Board of Directors.   To learn more about The Congress of Neutrals, you can visit
  • If you deal with issues involving employer compliance, ethics, law, human resources or related fields, you may benefit from joining the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and/or becoming a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, as Cynthia has done in the past.  For more information you can visit